Trout Fishing on the Isle of Lewis
Lewis is the wandering trout fisher's paradise island and is said to have between 1200 and 2000 trout lochs, depending on who you ask. Dollag's Cottage is ideally situated for the trout angler and several very good lochs are within a short distance of the cottage, indeed you can walk from the cottage to the nearest brown trout loch in a matter of a few minutes. Although most of Lewis sits on peatland there are a good number of lochs with crystal clear water as well as the more peaty lochs and while the clear water lochs often have better hatches of insects the peaty lochs seem just as likely to be home to the bigger trout. With Lewis being such a high profile salmon fishing destination the quality of the brown trout fishing is often overlooked but some lochs can produce fantastic quality fish and, even, fish in the 5 - 6lb range. Lewis trout fishing is true "wild fishing" in every sense and if you are willing to wander even a short distance from the road you may well be the only person to fish that particular loch for a year. Last year a cottage guest joined me for a day out and we had about 30 trout between us for the day with us both having fish to about 1.5lb and we both lost a much bigger fish, a pretty much perfect wild fishing day out.

Should you wish to fish while on Lewis then be sure to let Dollanna know and she can provide valuable guidance and will be able to suggest some lochs that are worth a try based on your preferences and how far you might like to walk. One of the great pleasures of a visit to the island is that you can, in most places, walk the moor and explore the lochs with total freedom to go and fish where you like.

The travelling angler may like to take a look at the following links giving further information on fishing in the area around Dollag's Cottage:

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Dollag's Cottage @ 7 South Shawbost
Loch Ceannamhoir on the Isle of Lewis
Loch nan Geadh on the Isle of Lewis
trout fishing on the Isle of Lewis
Having a cast on a Lewis loch
Dollag's Cottage guest fishing for trout in the Spring
Below - A guest at Dollag's Cottage fishing for trout on a moorland loch
Below - Finding somewhere to fish isn't the problem. The problem is deciding where to fish next.
Trout loch on the Isle of Lewis
Camping on a remote Isle of Lewis trout loch
Below - Heading for a trout loch in the early Spring.
Heading for some Isle of Lewis trout fishing
Flies for Lewis trout fishing
Below - Take your pick.
Clear water on a Lewis trout loch
Below - Despite the peaty moorlands quite a few Lewis lochs have very clear water and good insect life. There is about 3 feet of water at the base of the big rock in this image. This loch holds some very big brown trout.
Below - A bit of wild camping for a night at a remote trout loch.
Fishing for trout on the Isle of Lewis
Below - Two visiting anglers who joined me for a day on a remote trout loch in 2018. This loch has been fished 3 times in 3 years, twice by me including the day the photo was taken and once by a local angler. It produced great fishing and a few quality fish for us on the day.
A nice Isle of Lewis brown trout
Below - Some Lewis brown trout. There are some lochs on Lewis that will only produce small fish but with real, wild, trout a 1lb fish is a reasonable fish and anything over 1lb would be considered a good fish and there are quite a number of lochs on the island that can produce fish in the 1lb - 2lb class. There are also a small number of lochs that have a very real chance of producing a trout in the 5lb - 6lb class.