Sea Trout fishing in the Hebrides.
The islands of Lewis and Harris are probably more famous for their salmon fishing but they also offer first class sea trout fishing in both rivers and lochs and the visiting angler is in with a good chance of some wonderful sport should he be chasing sea trout. As with salmon the conditions can be a critical factor in catching your sea trout and so anglers should talk to Dollanna for the latest local information as this will often be the key to success.

It is possible to catch sea trout in April and May in some locations but the main peak of the sea trout season is probably July, August and September. October can also produce sea trout and fresh fish will still be coming in from the sea even at this late stage of the season. The photo below was taken while fishing for sea trout on a local river in October and I had 4 fresh run fish for about an hour of fishing on that morning:

Dollag's Cottage @ 7 South Shawbost
Late season sea trout in the Hebrides
Sea trout fishing on the Isle of Lewis
Sea trout fishing is also available in some estuary areas and these areas are often stuffed full of both sea trout and salmon, getting a fish to take is not, however, always easy. The photo below shows a visiting angler fishing for sea trout in an estuary close to Stornoway:

Sea trout fishing close to Stornoway
Although not easy fishing the estuary fishing can be very exciting indeed with sea trout and salmon splashing all around and even, on occasions, swimming around your legs as you fish. The pool also holds a good head of slob trout and while they are very hard to catch they are a most exciting challenge and will often chase the little fish onto the surface as they try to avoid being eaten by the slob trout. The local club and fisheries trust are involved in the management of the sea trout fishing on this particular estuary and on occasions they will net parts of the pool with one sweep of the net resulting in a catch of 140 sea trout up to 6lb plus some salmon and a good number of slob trout:

Careful management of Lewis sea trout stocks
Dollag's Cottage frequently plays host to visiting anglers and, of course, some want to catch a sea trout. This guest who joined us in 2015 was keen to get a sea trout and this photo shows him playing his first ever sea trout on a remote pool some miles out into the moorland, the fish you can see jumping behind him is not the fish he was playing but rather another fish in the pool that just happened to jump as the photo was taken:

A Dutch guest catching his first sea trout on Lewis
Lewis, and the attached Isle of Harris, are famous for the loch fishing and there are many locations where it is possible to catch a sea trout in still water with the pictures below showing one of the most interesting and spectatular:

Fishing for sea trout in the Hebrides
These two fish weighed in at almost exactly 2.5lb each and provided fantastic sport on a 4 weight rod. Longer rods are useful for Hebridean fishing and it is often useful to have a heavier line to combat the wind but when the conditions are suitable for a lighter rod you can have really good fun with the sea trout on lighter rods and there are now a range of longer light line rods available. These rods are mostly aimed at the angler nymphing for brown trout but the one in this photo has the spine to easily deal with a 2.5lb sea trout while giving the angler great fun. So, if you have a longer rod for a light line then be sure to bring it with you and we can try to get you putting it to good use with the sea trout:

A brace of Lewis sea trout
In may places in the UK it is common to fish for sea trout through the night in pitch darkness but for some reason night time sea trout fishing has never been common in the Hebrides. Perhaps this is simply because the fish can be caught in daylight and so there is no need to head to the river in the pitch black. However, it is possible that we are missing a trick as it would be generally true to say that Lewis sea trout are normally in the 1.5lb to 3lb size range with bigger fish being caught, but only rarely. However sea anglers fishing off the beaches often catch sea trout by accident and, clearly, these sea trout are running our rivers. What is interesting is that the sea caught fish are often in the 6lb - 7lb size range. This gives me to consider that while I very much enjoy fishing the Lewis rivers in daylight if I wanted the really big fish then it might be productive to spend a night or two on the riverbank:

Isle of Lewis river with good sea trout runs
Small sea trout pool on an Isle of Lewis river
Isle of Lewis river with a good sea trout run
Boat fishing on a Hebridean salmon and sea trout loch
Playing a sea trout on the Isle of Lewis
He managed another 3 sea trout for the day though a change in the weather required a change in fishing location as the pool out the moor never produces fish once there is some sun on it so he got to experience some tidal fishing as well:

Even if you've never had one before don't overlook the salmon fishing as there is a wide range of very high quality salmon fishing available on Lewis thoughout the season. With such a vast range of fisheries available it is possible to offer fishing guests a good chance of a salmon no matter when they visit, the fish below were taken in April, July and October:

Isle of Lewis Spring salmon
A late season grilse on the Isle of Lewis
A July grilse on the Isle of Lewis
Sea trout fishing on the Isle of Lewis
Below you can see a cottage guest having a cast for sea trout in the most difficult of conditions, the score for the day was one decent sea trout lost and two finnock landed. It was a fantastic day to be on the moor and there were a few bursts of excitement on the fishing front but it would have been nice to have a few more fish on the bank:

Sea trout fishing on the Isle of Lewis
High tides can make for every exciting sea trout fishing depending on the circumstances but they can also be extremely dangerous for the unwary so be sure to talk to Dollanna before fishing tidal areas. The photos below were taken maybe more than an hour after high tide, you can't get down here at the peak of the tide, and this area is dry land for most of the time but there is a river, many holes, and several channels in here:

Isle of Lewis tidal sea trout fishing
Isle of Lewis high tide on a sea trout river