Salmon fishing in the Hebrides

A little report on salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing in July 2016

Click here for information on sea trout fishing on Lewis.

Lewis is a salmon anglers paradise and there are a very many options available to the visiting angler of which a very few will be outlined here. Dollag's Cottage provides the ideal base for the salmon angler with 4 salmon or sea trout systems within 10 minutes drive of the cottage and others scattered across the island. The visitor coming to Dollag's Cottage for salmon fishing is advised to let Dollanna know in advance and she can then provide some suggestions and information on where it might be worthwhile to fish. With such a huge range of fishing options it is difficult to make general suggestions without knowing the exact requirements of the guest and also the time of year and how the fishing and weather have been over previous weeks. Dollanna can usually make suggestions to suit every guest both in terms of their requirements and also in terms of how fit they are and how far they might be happy to walk to their fishing. Below are a tiny number of suggestions just to give a taste of what is available, Dollanna can usually pick from many tens of other fishing locations to suggest something to suit every visitor. As with the trout fishing your problem will not be finding somewhere to fish for salmon but rather deciding where to fish next.

About 10 minutes drive from Dollag's Cottage is the Carloway system which consists of a spate river and a number of lochs. A day permit can be purchased locally. The Carloway river needs a lot of rain before it can be fished but it can produce good numbers of fish in the right conditions and, of course, if the water is low then the angler can always fish the lochs further up the system. As well as salmon these lochs do hold some big trout and salmon anglers occasionally catch one of these large trout but sea trout are very rare in the system.

The Creed system, made up of the River Creed and several lochs, is located near Stornoway and can be fished with a permit from the Stornoway Angling Association. As this river is close to the town it is often subject to what, for Lewis, might rate as a high level of fishing pressure and so the visiting angler may have to share his fishing with others. The river sees good catches of both salmon and sea trout.

The Gress River is about 8 miles north of Stornoway and offers salmon and sea trout fishing on a day permit system to the visiting angler. The loch at the head of the river is about 7 miles out into the moor. Gress can provide fantastic sea trout fishing with the chance of a salmon but local knowledge is usually the key to success so if you want to fish Gress then talk to Dollanna.

Many of the estates across both Lewis and Harris will also offer occasional days to visitors and the angler should, generally, contact the estate office. Dollanna can often provide useful guidance so if you are intending to fish then it is worth letting her know in advance and asking about any particular areas that might interest you. Much of the salmon and sea trout fishing they hold is set in spectacular surroundings and some rivers and lochs have the potential for remarkable catches of fish with 5+ salmon and 20+ sea trout not being unheard of for a day. Don't turn down any chance you get to fish on some of the more remote estate waters but be aware that some of the lochs require a long and relatively difficult walk and that the quality of the tracks  vary but may require a 4 wheel drive vehicle or similar with good road clearance so the angler should enquire about this before making a booking.

The visitor looking to book fishing in advance or who requires a ghillie is advised to contact Russell Hird at the link below. Russell can arrange some excellent salmon fishing in some remarkable surroundings.

Russell J Hird Sporting Agent
Dollag's Cottage @ 7 South Shawbost
Salmon fishing in the Hebrides
Salmon fishing on Loch Voshimid in the Hebrides
Grimersta - hold the record for the most salmon caught by a single rod in a day.
On Loch Voshimid on a glorious September day
Above: an early season salmon

Below: A Blue Elver and an Orange Muddler
Your host at Dollag's Cottage fishing for salmon
Below: Dollanna, your host at Dollag's Cottage, having a quick cast for salmon
Track to some good Lewis salmon and sea trout fishing
Below: This remote track some 10 miles from the public road leads to some remarkable fishing
Below: Spring salmon fishing on the Isle of Lewis - spring salmon are not caught in big numbers but as can be seen it can make for a wonderful, and very exciting day out.
Blue Elver and Orange Muddler salmon flies
The Grimersta Bridge Pool in October
Below: Late season salmon fishing close to Dollag's Cottage.
Grimersta salmon fishing on the Isle of Lewis
A salmon jumps during the fight on the Isle of Lewis
An Isle of Lewis salmon about to be returned
Fishing for salmon just a short distance from Dollag's Cottage
Fighting a salmon on the Isle of Lewis
Salmon being put back to continue its journey
Below: Out on a river close to Dollag's Cottage.
Below: Fighting a salmon on the Isle of Lewis, just a few minutes drive from the cottage.
Below: Another battle with a small summer grilse that put up a great fight, that is the salmon that you can see jumping
Below: A nice brace of Isle of Lewis salmon caught within a few minutes drive of Dollag's Cottage
Driving to some remote Isle of Lewis salmon fishing
Below: Preparing to fish on a very remote salmon and sea trout loch that is said to be haunted by a "water horse"
Below: The dramatic locations that come with Hebridean salmon and sea trout fishing are as much part of the experience as the actual fishing but you can be sure of one thing: when staying in Dollag's Cottage you'll not be standing under a motorway bridge doing your fishing!
On a drift on an Isle of Harris loch
Fishing for salmon and sea trout on the Isle of harris
When salmon fishing on Lewis overcrowding is not a problem
Isle of Lewis sea trout
Below: Many of the systems that hold salmon also get decent runs of sea trout which also provide excellent sport so be sure to check out the Dollag's Cottage sea trout page
Afloat on Loch Scourst at Amhuinnsuidhe on a wild day
Ready to fish at Amhuinnsuidhe
A very remote trout and salmon loch on the Isle of Lewis
Spectacular fishing location in the hebrides
Probably the most famous salmon fishing in the world
A short video of some early season salmon fishing close to the cottage, the video starts in Inverness airport and progresses onto the island with some views of the beaches and landscape before we get to the river:
early season salmon from the Isle of Lewis
An October grilse from the Isle of Lewis
An Isle of Lewis Spring salmon
Spring salmon fishing.
Fighting an Isle of Lewis salmon
Isle of Lewis grilse being returned late in the season